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Find septic services and portable toilet rental in Ebensburg, PA, at Kamzik Septic Service. Septic problems can disrupt your life, and they can even be a health hazard. Getting timely septic services, such as septic tank repairs and septic tank cleanings, are essential. Unfortunately, while crews repair and maintain units, you cannot use your toilets in the house. We understand that you still need to use the restroom, even during repairs.

Our staff has a safe, sanitary solution: portable restrooms. Kamzik Septic Service has an array of luxurious portable bathrooms with all the same sanitary functionality as your indoor restroom. Call us at (814) 322-1966 to reserve a restroom rental for your family.

Kamzik Septic Service Offers Flushable Toilet Units

Traditional portable toilets leave a lot to be desired, especially concerning cleanliness. Nobody likes to use old-fashioned porta potties for apparent reasons. Kamzik invested in portable flushable toilet units that offer all the amenities of a real indoor restroom. They include climate control, flushing toilets, a handwashing sink with hot running water, lights, and clean paper towels.
When you use our portable restrooms, you will notice their modern design and clean aesthetic. It is nothing like using a porta-potty of the past. Ebensburg, PA customers, can rent one of these flushable toilet units by calling our office and asking for a reservation.

Septic Pump Maintenance in Ebensburg, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Maintaining your septic system is crucial to preventing leaks that can contaminate the local water table and cause illnesses. If your septic pump is due for maintenance, please schedule an appointment for septic pump maintenance at your earliest convenience. If these points apply to your septic system, you’re due for a maintenance call:
  • It has been three years since your last pumping.
  • It sounds like it is straining when it turns on and off.
  • Sewage levels continue to rise faster.
  • The pump cannot keep up with demand.
  • Your sewage backup alarm goes off.
Neglecting septic maintenance can lead sewage to back up into your toilets, sinks, and showers or tubs. It can even flood your home with solid waste materials. Do not put off getting maintenance or septic tank and system cleaning services. We offer affordable service options for homeowners in Ebensburg, PA. Call Kamzik Septic Service at (814) 322-1966 to reserve a restroom rental or schedule maintenance.
Contact Kamzik Septic Service when you need septic service and portable toilet rental in Ebensburg, PA.