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“We Will Always Answer Your Call!”

emergency service available 24/7

Emergency Service is Available 24/7

Kamzik Septic Service Provides Emergency Services

When homeowners and landlords experience a septic malfunction, they should know that emergency service is available 24/7 at Kamzik Septic Service. Our team comes to your aid in Cambria, Blair, Indiana, and Somerset counties at any time of the day. Are your toilets and drains backing up in the middle of the night? Has your septic system failed on a weekend? Septic issues seem to happen at the worst possible time – overnight, weekends, and holidays – but we are here for you. Just know, unlike our competitors, emergency service is available 24/7.


Homeowners Should Call Us About Sewage Backup Immediately

When sewage backs up in your toilet, that’s a sign that you have a serious septic problem. Sewage backup is one of the most damaging and obvious sewer problems. If you see the signs of sewage backing up in your toilet or sink, you need to call Kamzik Septic Service right away. Don’t worry about the time of day. Even if we don’t answer right away, a friendly representative will call back as soon as possible.


The Most Common Septic Problems are Backups and Clogs

Clogs and backups are the most common septic problem that homeowners, landlords, and business owners experience. The main culprit of clogs and backups is flushing things down the toilet that you shouldn’t be flushing. As we wrote in our last blog, the only things that you should flush are human waste and toilet paper. When you flush paper towels, tampons, and diapers, you harm the sewer system and the environment. But if you do flush something and it clogs the line, call us for our 24/7 emergency services.


Our Technicians Will Arrive at Your Location as Soon as Possible

Our technicians have more than 30 years of experience in the septic business. We know that a septic emergency is a stressful, confusing time for homeowners. But in the event of a septic emergency, rest assured that we’ll identify the problem as soon as possible. Our team will make the repair and unclog your lines before we leave, in most cases. When there’s a more serious clog, we might have to work longer. But we urge you to call us right away. Ignoring the problem could prove costly to you.


Contact Kamzik Septic Service at (814) 322-1966 when you need 24/7 emergency services. Call our team to learn more about how our emergency service is available 24/7.